We have previously discussed how to spruce up a window by utilizing the window itself, but now we shall jump into how to spruce up a window by utilizing the space around it. A lot of these methods depend upon the type of area surrounding the window, in most cases one decoration idea may work but others may not, it all depends upon what kind of window spaces you have in your home. We will cover two main ways to decorate the space surrounding your windows.

The first method is by far the easiest, and every single window can be decorated this way. What way you may ask? Well curtains of course! There are a ton of ways to use curtains to spruce up a window. Curtains can come in many forms such as decorative, functional, or both. If curtains are decorative they do not help block out light, but rather frame the window in a pleasing manner. Functional are just that, they function to block out light. Both is a combination of the two where they look decorative but are also functional when put over the window. There is no lack of variety of color, cut, and type of curtains available at home stores. Choose any style that fits the size of your window!

The second method is that of decorating the window sill. Some people do not have wide window sills, and this limits options. Some of the options that one can utilize are: potted plants, decorative bottles, flowers, candles, holiday decorations, holiday lights. The mixing and matching possibilities are endless! Plus, if the window sill is decorated based upon holidays or seasons this can lead to consistent utilization of this space to emphasize the window itself. If there is something to look at, people’s eyes will be drawn to your windows!

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