Though we enjoy windows as a luxury and a beautiful addition to any home, there are problems that come with them. One of the most unfortunate issues that a homeowner may experience due to their windows is a bird collision. This is not only startling but a solemn event. Birds usually hit windows because the reflection of the sky on the window causes them to mistake it for open air. Sometimes the bird is fine and flies away after hitting, but other times that is not the case. Luckily, there are both indoor and outdoor solutions a homeowner can implement to prevent these collisions.

Some of the more common options for changing the outside of the window are tape strips, a taught net, external awnings, decals, and wind chimes. All of these solutions decorate the window in some way that helps make it visible for the birds. Here are some ways to change the inside of a window: vertical blinds that are at least halfway closed, curtains, turning lights off at night. Most of these solutions are simple and can add decoration to your home. Consider using decals that are themed based on the time of year, as this will add festivity to your home. Have fun with the customization involved in choosing curtains, blinds, and wind chimes! These will give your windows personality. If you are simply thinking practically, tape strips and a taught net will do the job perfectly! By choosing a way to make your windows bird safe you are saving yourself money while protecting the wildlife around your home!

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Information for this blog pulled from the Humane Society of the United States’ page on bird-safe windows.