Like any aspect of your home, windows are subject to different problems that can result in unsightly or damaged windows. Today we will be discussing some of the common issues that plague windows.

As the temperatures change, materials expand or shrink. One common example of this is your vehicle’s tires. As the air inside cools, the tire gets low. Windows too can shift due to weather and temperature changes. Sometimes these temperature shifts reveal areas where your windows do not fit as snugly as they should in their frames. Usually, if there is not a tight fit, air leakage can be found. Even the smallest amount of air leakage can lead to drafts which can cause drastic temperature differences in your home.

Another problem that can arise in windows is foggy glass. Having foggy windows is not just an eyesore, it is a clear sign of a problem. A foggy window tells a homeowner that the elements have conquered your windows. The Foggy glass is typically the result of a broken insulation seal, meaning that the seal needs to be replaced or repaired.

One of the most common problems that windows face, especially in Colorado, are general damages. This damage can take form in the window itself being damaged or the screen being damaged. Any sort of damage on or around a window is unsightly and in some cases a security issue. This sort of damage can be caused by anything, from hail to a rogue ball.

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Information for this blog procured from the article “Five Common Window Problems”