If there’s one thing we know about here in Colorado Springs it’s broken windows. From hail to wind to rowdy kids, there’s a lot that can cause damage to your windows, and there are just as many companies who will take advantage of this to sell you things you don’t need to repair those windows. Complete Window Care is a local, family-owned business and we pride ourselves on helping residents and business in Colorado Springs repair their windows in the most cost efficient manner possible. Here are just a few of the services we offer for repairing windows at your home or business:

Complete Window Care Team

Glass Replacement

Many companies will tell you that if your window breaks you need to replace the whole thing, not just the glass, but this just isn’t true. Here at Complete Window Care, we can replace the glass without replacing the whole thing, saving you money. Even if the window is complex we can help you replace the glass.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail can damage more than just the glass of your windows. We can help you replace or fix the glass, the window screens, the surrounding vinyl, and other facets of the windows when they are damaged by hail.

Condensation Buildup

If you have double-pane windows you many occasionally notice a build up of condensation between the panes if they aren’t sealed properly. This results in a foggy, dirty window that you can’t get clean. Fixing and preventing this issue is one of the many services we offer here.

Air and Water Leakage

Having properly sealed windows is a crucial part of having a safe, energy efficient home. You could be wasting hundreds of dollars on electricity bills every year due to air leakage, and incurring hundreds of dollars worth of damage to your walls due to water leakage. Complete Window Care can assist you in eliminating both of these issues.

And more! Having another problem with your windows? Give us a call today and let us get started on helping you.