In the previous blogs we discussed how to decorate both on and around your window to optimize the beauty of it. Today we will be taking a different approach and focusing on how to turn the area around a window into a lively and functional space. For this blog, we will be exploring some fun ways to turn the space around your window into a quaint little book nook!

Before we start it is important to note that this can be done with a variety of window styles, but the optimal window for this project is one that is long and low to the ground. A good minimum for this idea would be a window that is 2 feet off the ground and 2 ½ feet long. A window can be taller, but it will affect the accessibility of it. The longer a window is the better. You will need a few book shelves, a cushioned bench, and some books. With these three essentials, you can build your nook! First you need to place your bench up to the window, as close as it will go. If you have a very large window sill you could go a step farther and build in a bench. Then you place the book shelves around the window. Finally, you load the bookshelves up with your favorite books and voila! Now you have a simple but pleasant book nook to enjoy your favorite reads while utilizing your windows fully. If you feel the space is lacking in decorations, visit our previous blogs for tips on how to decorate this new space!

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