In the previous part of this series we discussed how to utilize your windows to make a new creative space like a book nook! In this blog, we will be exploring how to turn a window into a fun space for your pets!

For this project, there are optimal windows sizes and types, but compared to the book nook project there is much more flexibility. Ideally a window that is at least 1 ½ feet long, the height of it off the ground doesn’t matter as much. Since this idea is so broad, the amount and types of materials may differ person to person. Generally, this project will need a suction cup platform, an animal bed, suction cup toys, and treats to lure the pet over. This project is ideal for smaller pets like small dogs or cats. To begin you must observe your window. This is to see how and when the sun shines through to the floor, this is most likely the time when your pet will be visiting this space. Place the suction cup platform on the window, and accent with suction cup toys around it. After that, place the animal bed either on the platform (depending how bit your animal is), or on the ground where the sun shines. Now you use whatever treat you have, catnip, dog treats, cat treats, etc. to lure the pet to show it this new space. Try to pet them and interact with them in this newly created space until they get used to it!

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