In the previous blogs we covered how to create a pet space, a book nook, and a work area. But what if you don’t have a pet, don’t have enough books for a book nook, or you want to enjoy your window for relaxation rather than work? Well there is one final space that may be perfect for you—a refreshment area!

First it is important to clarify what a refreshment area is. In this case it would be a cozy area near a window for you to enjoy beverages while enjoying the view outside. Depending on how you decide to use the space will change what is required for it. For this blog let us focus on transforming the window into a refreshment area for hosting. For hosting, a larger window would be preferable one that is at least 3 feet long and 2-3 feet tall. Multiple large windows work for this as well. Usually windows that are at the front of the home are perfect for this project. You will need: a table, 4+ chairs, and nice curtains. A lovely matching set of dishware is optional. The size of the table and number of chairs will vary based upon how many guests you are going to typically host. If you are going to tend to have smaller gatherings, a small round table with 3-4 chairs would be ideal. If you are going to host more than 4 people, a medium/large rectangular table and 5-8 chairs would be suitable. Pick curtains that complement the size of you gathering; choose cozier colors for a small gathering like red or orange, and choose cooler colors for a larger gathering like blue or purple (keep in mind the rest of the rooms décor as well when choosing colors). The matching dishware is optional but would add a degree of elegance and cohesion to the gathering.

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