Now that the previous two blogs have given ideas for fun window spaces, it is time to move onto a more serious space: the work area. Sunlight is often important for people to feel productive, this is why schools and office buildings usually have windows in classrooms and work areas. By utilizing this same concept is will be a breeze to convert a window into a functional work area for your home!

For this project, no specific window size is necessary, but it is important to have plenty of wall space around the window. This space will allow you to fill up the space with essential work area objects. Here is a loose list of objects for this project: a desk (either a sitting or standing desk will work), an office chair, a computer (or other work tool), and paper with pencils. To start simply measure the area around the window to decide how large of a desk is feasible. Then place the desk in front of the window, curtains may be useful if this window experiences a lot of sun throughout the day. Feel free to move the desk until it is in the optimal spot! Once the desk is in the place you want it you can now add the chair, computer, and paper with pencils to it. You can decorate your desk to add even more flair to the area. If you find the angle of the desk uncomfortable, or are having trouble with too much sunlight, you can always move around or choose another window. It is good to try out your setup for a few days to decide if it needs adjusting.

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