Windows are by far one of the most interesting and compelling features on a home. Yet for some reason they are largely overlooked by homeowners. Homeowners go to great lengths to make their homes look nice—vacuuming the carpets, painting the walls, decorating shelves, etc. But rarely is the window ever taken into this consideration. This is troubling because windows are such a large and functional part of the home. In this blog we will cover some simple ways that a window itself can be spruced up! Luckily windows are a very versatile surface, meaning that a lot can be done to them without much consequence.

There are three simple ways that a window can be highlighted: with tape, with suction cups, and with decorative lettering. Tape is obvious, all one must do to utilize this adhesive is chose something eye catching, perhaps a paper holiday decoration (like a pumpkin cut out) or a picture and tape it to the window. For suction cups, the choice of decoration is more varied. One could choose to hang a 3D decoration such as a holiday ornament or even a 2D piece of stained glass. The decorative lettering is self-explanatory, it is window safe sticky letters that are usually purchased with some sort of holiday theme such as Christmas or Halloween. These are applied simply and can be removed whenever. For all of these application methods for decorations it is a good idea to clean the window before and after application, to ensure maximum adhesion and swift cleanliness.

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