In our last blog we discussed what people did before the implementation of glass windows, how early glass windows were made, and who could afford glass windows. This time we will be exploring how windows began to take shape in the 17th century.

Moving away from crown glass, latticed leaded windows began to gain popularity. These types of windows consisted of lead frames for structure, hence the name latticed lead. Also around the time of latticed lead windows the weighted sash was invented, this invention allowed people to open windows without having to fasten them. Due to the beauty of windows and the desire to have them, countries were racing to try and create clear glass. French glassmakers were the first to figure out how to cast glass. This type of plate glass was flat and clear which made it a desired type. One example of the implementation of this glass was in The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles. The British were next when they took their swing at creating a beautiful building of glass. The Crystal Palace was by far one of the most impressive window dawning buildings at the time, as no other building had had so many windows before. As time went on and modern processes began to revolutionize architecture, these innovations allowed for glass windows to take the center stage. With the invention of the Bessemer process, which allowed steel to become the main weight bearing feature in construction, windows now could be placed more freely. Now, whole walls could be made of windows! This is a trend that can be seen in large city buildings today. It is interesting to see how such a precious commodity made its way into our everyday lives!

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Some information for this blog was pulled from Anna Hoffman’s article “Quick History: Window Glass”.