Your screen door operates as an important function and should also be easy to handle, with a silky sliding motion that supports single-handed operation to open and close. A difficult screen door is more than just an annoyance. Nevertheless, over time components can be damaged or wear down from the daily activities, which can contribute to premature repair/replacement. Our Complete Window Care experts are happy to suggest tips on possible adjustment to restore a sliding screen door to get back to benefit from the cool late Summer weather.

Sliding Screen Door Repair

When your screen door is making odd noises or is problematic to open or close, you may want to take advantage of our know-how and tips:

  1. Clear the track.

The single most frequent issue with sliding doors is a grimy track; between dust, pet hair, and other debris collecting over time. Try cleaning this space with the vacuum crevice tool followed by washing with a rigid brush to eliminate caked-on material.

  1. Align the frame.

The frame around any screen door is generally made of a lightweight metal which may curve or become distorted with repetitive use. Inspect to see if the door is bent; if so, you’ll need to remove it from the track:

  • Grasp the two sides of the door and pick-up gently to disengage the spring mechanisms.
  • When the door rises and the wheels are free of the track-pull the door downwards, toward you till it is completely outside of the frame.
  • Set the door on a smooth, horizontal area and inspect for any lifted corners.
  • If bowing is apparent, cautiously flex the frame in the opposite way so it begins to lay flat and reinserts.
  1. Balance the tension.

Adjustment screws are placed close to the wheels at the top or bottom of the door. They release or build tension on the wheels, basically raising or lowering the door. Rotate the screw clockwise half a turn to raise the door or counterclockwise to lower it and test the door to see if it resolves the problem.

  1. Replace rollers or spring load.

To change out damaged wheels or the spring-load, follow the guidelines above to remove the door. For replacing wheels, delicately remove them from both the top and bottom of the door utilizing a (flathead) screwdriver to pull the wheels out. As before, ensure you are purchasing correct replacement parts by taking them to the store with you. In the direction of the spring-load door, a workable replacement part can sometimes be drilled correctly into the rivets replacement. Clear out the tracks, attach the new replacement parts, and reinsert the screen door.

Swinging Screen Door Repair

A screen door that can’t firmly shut will insufficiently keep insects, dust, and debris out. Below are tips on how to repair a screen door easily and adequately with just some basic tools.

  1. Pinpoint the problem.

Figure out exactly where the door is becoming stuck prior to determining a remedy. For example, the edge of the door might be hitting the frame; try tightening the screws on the top, middle, or bottom hinge for both the frame and the screen door. Be conscientious not to over-tighten or you will strip the screws.

  1. Remove excess material.

This method is permanent-be cautious to not clear away too much material from the door. Start by separating the door from the hinges. Use a wood plane to skim off fine sheets of wood from the section causing trouble, until the desired dimension is obtained.

  1. Examine the pneumatic closer.

This part restrains the door from forcefully closing. In addition, it contains a latch to fasten the door in an open position. When this part is jammed, you might see it does not draw the door fully closed and can keep the door from sealing all the way. If necessary, these are quite simple to change.

For comfort with all your screen door repairs, you can have confidence in the knowledgeable professionals at Complete Window Care. Call us at 719.380.9371 to learn more about our services and how we can save you time!