Here at Complete Window Care we are dedicated to helping customers repair windows. By offering repair services we allow for our customers to choose the best options that fit their budget without sacrificing quality. Providing straight forward solutions has been a staple of what we do since our founding in 2008.

It all started with our Co-founder Mike. Mike accidentally found himself in the window industry in the late 1990’s due to a job offer from a friend. After years of working the ins and outs of the business-from a technician to a manager and installation trainer- he gained a plethora of experience and became a veteran in the field.

Like every great innovator however, he would face a great challenge. His challenge took the form of the financial crisis of 2008. Laid off from his job, he returned to what he knew best, window care. Driven by the need for a source of income, he noticed the lack of window service companies in Colorado and found his market. Lots of companies replaced windows, but with the recession in full swing, people simply could not afford to completely replace their glass. Inspiration struck and he founded Complete Window Care, which focuses on repairing glass rather than replacing them. He found success in his niche market despite the financial crisis.

Within months, he had to have his wife Amy take over the administrative side of the business (because as Mike learned, a dashboard is not a suitable place for relevant business paperwork) and hired his nephew Richard for a technician position.

Nine years later the business has continued to grow and thrive due to the affordable and convenient services we offer such as: glass replacement in Colorado Springs and screen repair or replacement. If your windows need repairing, call Complete Window Care today!