Aside from the paint on a home, windows are the features that give a house its personality. When someone sees your windows, they are forming opinions about your home. If the windows are nice and clean, it will be a positive opinion. However, if the windows look dirty, damaged, and neglected, they may form a negative opinion. Signs of neglect reflect upon the homeowner. Before, when the only option was to replace the whole window, people would let the damage stay to save money. But now that Complete Window Care is around, no longer do windows have to remain disregarded and damaged!

Here at Complete Window Care, we understand the difficulties that arise from broken windows. Broken windows are unsightly and can cost a homeowner money. If a damaged window is letting in air from outside, this can result in a higher electricity bill in the summer and a higher gas bill in the winter. The air from outside disturbs the balance of the climate controlled inside and causes the temperature regulator, either a heater or an air conditioner, to work harder to maintain the temperature on the thermostat. Alongside the higher bills, these drafts can also make the area around the window unpleasant. This unpleasantness can cause people to avoid being around the perpetrating windows. This is quite a shame as windows are valuable facets to a home as they let in precious sunlight!

Make 2018 the year you repair your damaged windows! Let your home be the best on the block. We proudly offer window repair Colorado Springs, hail damaged window repair Colorado Springs, and even screen replacement Colorado Springs! As a family-owned local business, we are dedicated to making your windows the best they can be by offering simple, straightforward, and affordable services. Please browse our website to see our full range of services!