If there is one thing about the holidays that people take to heart, it is decorating their homes. This time of year is the one time of year when anyone can show off their decorating skills both on the inside and outside of their homes. The best part about taking the time and care to string lights and hang ornaments is that anyone can take part—from apartment residents to homeowners. Since windows are what we care about here at Complete Window Care, we have put together a brief guide to maximize the efficacy of window decorating.

The first and most important step is to make sure that your window is clean. The cleanliness of a window can help emphasize the lights both in and outside a home. A household cleaner like vinegar or a store-bought cleaner and some paper towels work great for a quick cleaning! The next step is to realize your window is not just a part of a room, it is the lens through which people will see your decorations. In many ways, it is the focal point for people who are perusing a neighborhood to view holiday lights.

Now that the two most important factors have been covered, let’s briefly discuss decorating options. There are lights, garland, curtains, window stickies, paper, and paint. Holiday colored lights, garland, and curtains are great for framing a window. Framing a window helps outline the decorations or curtains inside. Window stickies, paper, and paint are for direct application to the window. These types of decorations are perfect for getting the whole family involved in the process! Window stickies are removable jelly textured designs that can be purchased in the holiday section of box stores; they can come with text and characters. Some common designs for paper or paint are snowflakes, holiday-themed greetings, and holiday characters. If you utilize all three, a fun scene can quickly take shape.

At Complete Window Care we understand how important a functioning window is to a home. This is why we specialize in window repair Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs screen repair! If a window is broken, all decorations do is draw attention to the damage. Contact us today to schedule your window repair before the holidays!