Colorado, a place of majestic mountains and temperamental weather. The Rocky Mountain sky can be as fickle as it is beautiful; throwing snow, spitting rain, and beaming sunshine down upon those bellow, all during the course of 12-hour period. If you’ve lived here for any substantial amount of time, this whimsical weather is no surprise to you. It is simply how Colorado works. But out of all the weather it produces, perhaps the most frustrating to home owners is hail. Hail can lead to roof damage, siding damage, and window damage. All of these are unforeseen expenses are not only inconvenient but costly. Well most of them are at least. Here at Complete Window Care Colorado Springs we make homeownership a bit easier by offering a simple and cost-effective solution—window repair!

Though window glass repair in Colorado Springs seems like an obvious route for a homeowner after a hail storm, it is often overlooked. This usually leads to homeowners spending lots of money to completely replace their broken windows. But have no fear! We offer affordable repair solutions that save you money while fixing the problem in a timely and effective way. If you find that your screen was also damaged after a hail storm, we also offer screen repair! Don’t ignore your damaged windows as this damage can lead to additional weather damage inside your home. Additionally, broken windows can have drafts that cause an imbalance in your temperature controlled home. If more damage and drafts weren’t enough, broken windows can also become security hazards. These are only some of the reasons to repair your damaged windows today!

If you have any questions, please contact Complete Window Care! We offer window fixing Colorado Springs, hail damage window repair in Colorado Springs, and screen replacement Colorado Springs to name a few of our services! Make the smart choice and get your windows fixed today!