Fall Is a Perfect Time to Work On Your Home

With school back in for most, that means Fall is practically here. Inspect doors and windows to ensure that your home is efficiently insulated and sealed.

Autumn is optimal to prep your home prior to temperature condition dipping below comfortable working conditions.

Leaves can collect in low spots on a home’s roof and be the cause of water damage later on.

Conscientious homeowners would also remove debris from their gutters in the spring and fall. Gutters obstructed with leaves may later provide resources for ice dams as Winter comes through. Typically, you want to hold off until after the leaves have fallen so that you’re not doing double duty. If you do it prematurely, they are going to become blocked up again.

We want to warn homeowners to consider the home’s insulation. Doors and windows are most often the offenders for heating and cooling leakage. You want to be certain you’ve got a tight seal on your doors and windows. Minor repairs could include cracked caulking, or adding weather stripping around doors.  


A licensed home inspector can detect problems not normally on homeowners radars. Things such as rotted wood may create drafts to your attic or around your windows and doors. Replacing rotted wood should be a priority for any homeowner. Once the insulation exposures are reduced, homeowners should additionally boost the energy performance of their heating systems. Fall is a great time to replace furnace filters for efficiency. Most likely your furnace has been idle during the summer while your air conditioner has been running. You want to make sure you have a clean air filter when you awaken the furnace for winter.


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