It’s possible that you have opted not to have screens on your windows but perhaps we can change your mind on that because well-repaired window screens do serve a very important purpose: keeping pests out!

Close your eyes and think back to the perfect spring afternoon. Maybe you were sipping a fresh glass of iced tea? Perhaps you were reading a book in your favorite reading spot? You may have been sharing stories with a friend or family member. As the spring airbrushed by you, the moment was fondly etched in your memory.

Spring is finally in full swing and what’s better than a fresh breeze in the afternoon? Not only does letting a little air in give your home that light and clean feeling, but it can also keep you from having to run your air conditioner sooner than is necessary. On a warm spring day, a slightly cracked window can give you the ultimate serene ambiance.

If there are screens on all of your windows, you probably have little to no hesitation when it comes to letting some of that delightful fresh air in. However, without window screens, and especially good condition or well-repaired window screens, you might be thinking twice because inviting the outside in doesn’t just mean fresh air for you, it means really letting it all in! Opening windows without screens mean giving a party invitation to those unwanted crawling and flying guests who just can’t help but ruin the mood.

Even with screens on your windows, it’s possible for insects to come in anyway. Bugs are diligent and sneaky little creatures, after all. An assessment of both air and water leakages can not only help you better control your home environment, but it can help you better keep those six and eight-legged acquaintances out in the wild where they belong! Inspect your screens regularly for rips and tears and replace them when a minor repair just won’t do. Another way to ensure the barriers you need from insects is to inspect the sealing and caulking. It’s important to regularly keep an eye on where your barriers to entry are compromised both when it comes to air and water leaks as well as insects. If a large enough trespasser can get in through your windows, how much unwanted air is coming in during the coldest of cold and hottest of hot days?

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