It’s that time of year again! When the leaves begin to fall and the chill begins to creep into the breeze. Cold weather is coming! And with the first snow of the season already done and gone, there is pressure to get the home prepared for the coming cold. Some of the most important parts of the home to get ready for chilly weather are the windows! This blog will guide you through a few methods to keep the cold out this season.

Since windows interrupt the continuous structure of a dwellings walls, it makes sense that they are one of the main perpetrators of letting cold in. Luckily there are many methods to try and reduce the amount of a cold a window lets in. These methods are best for single pane windows which tend to be thinner and more susceptible to cold leaks. The first method is rubber weather sealing. These rubber strips can be cut down to fit your window and placed over areas with gaps. The next method is insulation film. Take the film and place it over the window, then shrink it with a hairdryer. The final method is simply adding curtains to a window. Make sure that the curtains you get are heavy as the heavier they are the more they can reduce drafts. These methods will ensure that the heat stays in while keeping the cold out. But while they are cost effective they have downfalls such as: leaving a sticky residue, making windows unsightly, and reducing the amount of light in a room.

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Some information for this blog pulled from Sarah Coffey’s article “5 Ways to Insulate your Windows for Winter”.